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The advent of online platforms has opened up numerous job opportunities, and one such platform is Paying Social Media Jobs. This article aims to provide insights into how this platform works, its effectiveness, and what potential users should consider.

About Paying Social Media Jobs

Paying Social Media Jobs is a platform that offers training and assistance for individuals seeking social media management careers. According to their website, there is a growing demand for social media managers as businesses look to market their products and services on various social media platforms. The platform connects aspiring managers with companies in need of social media account management to drive sales and engage with customers.

Enrollment Requirements and Training

Paying Social Media Jobs claims that minimal social media experience, reliable internet access, and a digital device are sufficient for individuals to apply as social media managers. While formal training or certification is not mandatory in this field, Paying Social Media Jobs provides educational training to equip participants with the necessary skills to handle platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, it's important to note that the platform does not guarantee job placement or specific payment rates but provides access to a database of job offers.

While Paying Social Media Jobs makes ambitious claims about its services and benefits, it's essential to be aware that the training offered may cover fundamental skills that individuals with basic social media knowledge may already possess. The platform cannot guarantee job placement, and the level of competition in the market should be considered. Businesses often require social media managers with experience, which the Paying Social Media Jobs training may not fully provide.

Getting Started and Optional Upsells

To get started with Paying Social Media Jobs, users need to complete a short questionnaire on their job preferences and social media usage habits. There is a one-time payment to access the training, but users may encounter optional upsells, including Social Media Arbitrage and the Launch a Digital Product Business Program, which claim to offer additional training and job opportunities.

Training Modules and Platform Features

Paying Social Media Jobs offers four modules in their training program: understanding the role of a social media manager, getting started as a social media manager, finding clients, and advanced training. The platform highlights the high demand for social media managers, the potential to work from home, and the problem-solving aspect of the role. While the training aims to equip participants with relevant skills, it is important to recognize that securing a job may require additional experience and proactive client acquisition efforts.

What can you get from

Paying Social Media Jobs have made aggressive and bold claims about their services and benefits. The training that the company offers is already published on various online sites. The course has several modules that are not comprehensive.

The educational platform provides essential skills that anyone with basic knowledge of social media might have. Paying Social Media Jobs platforms does not guarantee that you will land a job after completing your training or making purchases. Still, they give access to a job offers database.

Per Paying Social Media Jobs's official website, customers can expect to earn $35 per hour and more working as a social media manager. However, there are no guarantees, and different businesses may pay more or less the insinuated amount. Paying Social Media Jobs claims there is no competition working as a social media manager. In truth, there is bound to be a lot of competition in local and international marketing gigs. The fact that these jobs are online and can be accomplished regardless of your location makes them desirable, adding to the competition.

Pricing for Paying Social Media Jobs

To access the training and resources offered by Paying Social Media Jobs, customers can purchase a lifetime membership for $17.00 through the official website. This one-time payment grants users complete training and 100% access to the job database without any recurring fees.

Customer Support

Paying Social Media Jobs values customer satisfaction and offers a 60-day guarantee. If customers have any questions, concerns, or require assistance, they can reach out to the following support channels:

  1. Product Support: For inquiries related to the Paying Social Media Jobs product itself, customers can contact the support team via email at The support team will be available to address any issues or provide guidance regarding the platform.

  2. ClickBank Order Support: For assistance specifically related to ClickBank orders, customers can reach out to the following phone numbers:

    • US Toll-Free: 1-800-390-6035
    • International: +1 208-345-4245


Paying Social Media Jobs provides an avenue for individuals interested in pursuing social media management careers. While the platform offers training and connects users with potential job opportunities, it is crucial to manage expectations and consider the level of competition and additional experience required in the field. With the right skills, proactive approach, and understanding of the market, users may find success in securing social media management positions through platforms like Paying Social Media Jobs.

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