Nano Bubbles for Aquaculture

Nanobubble ID is the first fisheries startup company producing nanobubble generator machine in Indonesia. Oxygen is supplied by nano-sized particle (70-200nm), so that Nanobubble is able to increase dissolved oxygen level up to 2 folds and prevent growth of bacteria and virus causing diseases. is the first Nanotechnology Implementation startup in water & aquaculture ecosystem. We build Nanobubble Generator to enhance the oxygen, ozone, CO2, nitrogen & other gases level in the water/liquid. contributed as a participant in the Entrepreneur & Professional Summit. The product introduced was nanobubble technology that applied in fisheries. represented by Hardi Junaedi and Dedi Cahyadi had the opportunity to explain about Nanobubble to Sri Mulyani when she was reviewing the exhibition stand.

Nanobubble is a machine that produces nano-sized oxygen bubbles. The nano size feature increases the bubbles’ stabilization in the water, so it can retain the dissolved oxygen (DO) in normal and optimal level.

The DO deficiency problem in water can slow fish and shrimps’ growth down. Farmers usually respond it by feeding more and causes organic waste build-up in the pond bottom. It lowers water quality, triggers diseases, and causes mass death to the aquaculture products.

Nanobubble, besides keeping DO stable, can also become a solution to maintain good water quality. Nano-sized bubbles enter into the wet mud / organic materials and causes the wet materials rise to the pond’s surface water and clump, so it can be removed by the farmers easily.

Nano Bubbles are incredibly small, stable cavities of gas in liquid. Nano bubbles are 400 times smaller than the human hair. Hence, not visible to the human eye or with a standard microscope. Pictured above, the image represents the size and visibility of nano bubbles illuminated by a green laser using a macro lens and long camera exposure on a black back ground. The micro bubble shows you the size and density difference.

Unlike a macro or a micro bubble, nano bubbles stay submerged in liquids for extended periods of time, hence, the gases remain effective longer.

Nanobubbles are negatively charged which means that they repel from each other keeping them evenly distributed in the water with low coalescence. Unlike regular bubbles, a single nano bubble will move around instead of moving up, in a process called Brownian motion as shown in picture.

Nano bubble technology, involves the infusion of specific gases into various liquids for targeted results. The Nano Bubble Injector can create 100+ Million Nano Bubbles per milliliter.

Key Benefits

  • Breakdown of Organic waste
  • Increased DO in water
  • Reduces and removes odour from water
  • Usage rates of ozone down to 0.4 ppm
  • Reverts back to oxygen
  • Increased growth of aquaculture stock

Reduce Power Consumption

Nanobubbles Aquaculture solution can increase your dissolved oxygen that is in your current water by 300-400%. This will mean that you wont have to use additional aeration systems and therefore reduce the amount you spend on power.

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